For 60W LED

Item No.: AAQ-060S-046-1A
AC Rated Voltage Input:170VAC-260VAC
AC Input Voltage Range: 170VAC-260VAC
Rated  Frequency Input:50Hz
DC Output Voltage Range: 40V
DC Output Current Range:DC 1.5A
No-load standby power:<0.5W @Vin=170VAC-260VAC s

   Applications for audio and video design by EN55022 CLASS B、GB4943 related certification can be applied to audio, video, security cameras, monitoring, and so on
Environment Requirements
• Operating Temperature  ℃:-10~65
• Storage Temperature  ℃:-20~80
• Storage Humidity:5%~95% (Non-Condensing)
• Electrical Characteristic
Input Details:
• AC Rated Voltage Input: 170VAC-260VAC
• AC Input Voltage Range: 170VAC-260VAC
• Rated  Frequency Input:50Hz
• Efficiency:≥85% @Vin=220VAC,MAX LOAD
Output Details:
• DC Output Voltage Range: 40V
• DC Output Current Range:DC 1.5A
• No-load standby power:<0.5W @Vin=170VAC-260VAC
• Ripple & Noise: ≤50dB
Safety Standard
• Safety Certification: IEC60950、UL60950、EN60950 and GB4943
• Conduction Emission(CE): EN55022 CLASS B
• Anti-electric strength :Primary - Secondary Side 3000VAC, 60S, ≤5 mA
• Insulation Resistance:Primary - Secondary Side 500VDC, 60S, ≥2MΩ
• 100% 24h burn-in test
• RoHS standards
• Short Circuit Protection
• Over power protection